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Radioactive materials

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    If someone unknowlingly touch a radioactive substance or source, would their skin or hands then be radioactive? And also-could you spread contamination if you touched a solid source? or it could only spread in powder form? what is the likelihood of becoming contaminated by a source for a normal person who doesnt work with these materials? Thanks-I suffer from stupid irrational worries and am trying to talk some sense into myself.
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    Only if it was a solution or powder of small particulate (fine dust). It would be highly unlikely (virtually impossible) for the average person to come in contact with a radioactive source.

    Not really.

    Powder would be more problematic, but see below.

    Virtually impossible.

    FDR once said "the only thing we have to fear is fear itself." Worrying is not productive, especially when one worries about something that it is effectively impossible. Too much worrying is unhealthy. Perhaps one can learn to let go of one's worries.
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