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I Radioactive materials

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    radioactive material has to be given a specific consideration vastly more complex than the simplicity with which we have defined forces that govern matter on earth. to have extrapolated forces which govern long lasting matter on earth to the dynamics of radioactive decay in any particle interactions was wrong. the short term lives of radioactive materials are indicative of their cosmic nature. radioactive matter causes harm to living tissue, it exists temporarily, the ontological nature of radioactive material is necessarily governed by forces other than the ones that govern long lasting materials on earth. we have evolved on earth to understand earthly things and it is in our nature to extrapolate our understandings of the self to the non self, to project things where they might not fit, to give human qualities to animals, etc. when we gave the governing properties of matter on earth to radioactive material we forgot to consider the possibility that existence itself comes in many different forms on many different worlds.

    I was thinking along these lines and thought perhaps particle interactions involving decay need their own
    complete subset of additional variables to represent the temporary and conditional existence of matter, meaning that these forces would be dubbed "extraterrestrial" and considered separately from the fundamental forces of physics on earth.
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