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Radiochemistry in Nuclear Power Reactors (1996)

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    This book provides some useful information on various chemistry topics in LWRs.

    It is a bit dated, so some of the numbers pertaining to the operating conditions of BWRs and PWRs are a bit off, although close.


    The appendices are particularly useful, as are the figures.


    1. Brief Description of Nuclear Power Reactor Systems and Primary Coolant Chemistry (1-10)

    2. Radioactivity Productions in Nuclear Reactors (11-30)

    3. Fission Products (31-68)

    4. Activated Corrosion Products (69-112)

    5. Water and Impurity Activation Products (113-124)

    6. Radiation Chemistry in Reactor Coolant (125-142)

    7. Assay of Radiactive Waste (143-158)

    8. Special Radiochemical Studies (159-188)

    A. Nuclear Data (189-216)

    B. Sampling Practices and Sample Preparation for Radiochemical Analyses (217-228)

    C. Gamma-Ray Specrometric Analysis (229-244)

    D. Counting Geometric Corrections in Gamma-Radiation Measurements (245-250)

    E. Selected Radiochemical Procedures (251-277)

    The water chemistry practices have changed considerably since 1996. BWRs use Zn-injection with depleted Zn (depleted in Zn-64), and now many use noble metal injection in order to reduce the need for hydrogen injection in the primary system (used to reduce ECP). PWRs use Zn-injection, and higher pH, typically > 7.0, and as close to 7.4 during the latter part of the cycle. Several plants use Li above 3 and up to nearly 6 ppm. Ideally B content is less than 1200 ppm.
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