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Courses Radiology and physics

  1. Sep 20, 2016 #1
    I have this kind of wish to do research on fields related to physics.I am interested in biology also.I read somewhere that radiology is a combination of both physics and biology.If so how much of radiology is physics and will I be able to do my wish of research if I get an M.D in Radiology?
    P.S I am currently working for getting into a good med school.So any guidance about how I could go about is welcome.
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    I am a retired medical physicist and while I have not participated directly in much research I have been able to observe the development of most of the state of the art techniques and instrumentation over the last thirty years. .Radiology is a branch of medicine first and foremost. Research in Radiology i.e. imaging is usually done from a clinical point of view by radiologists. Radiologists primarily study the clinical efficacy of imaging techniques in the diagnosis of disease processes.. Research into new imaging techniques or hardware is usually done by physicists (medical physicists) and engineers (bioengineers) although physicians often do participate. Physicians who contribute the most usually have a hard science degree.which might be anything from a BS to a PhD. The point is that if you are interested in application of physics to medicine or biology getting an MD is the hard way to do it since you will still the the science and/or engineering on top of the MD.
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    Now I get it.I've been in a false opinion all these days.Thanks for your help.
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