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Radiometric dating- creationism.org

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    http://www.creationism.org/articles/swenson1.htm [Broken]

    This article suggests that radioactive dating is horribly innacurate, and says that dating the recent rocks of the 80's Mount Saint Helens lava dome gives dates ranging from 0.05-2.8 million years of age.

    I'm no expert on radiometric dating techniques, so the only explanation I can think of would be they accidentally sampled older rocks surrounding the recent dome.

    Has this issue been seriously adressed and debunked before?
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    Im actually surprised that site presents counter arguments to their own claim. They state:
    "A good possibility is that solidification of magma does not reset the radioisotope clock to zero. Probably some argon-40 is incorporated from the start into newly formed minerals giving the "appearance" of great age. "

    Which is the first thing that popped into my head. Where's the literature describing the effects of state transformation of the atomic composition of lava? You cannot assume the rock is "new" just because it turned solid.
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    As far as i know, radiometric dating can be somewhat inacurate, but nowhere near the 1.000.000% that is needed to change the date of the earth from 4.500.000.000 years to 6000 years. (or 3.5 billion yr old rocks to 6000yrs)
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    Of course, creationists neglect this bit of info in their rhetoric.
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    Different radiodating methods are used for different age-ranges and sample types. Using the wrong method is no proof against radiodating in general.
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    Pffft. The creationist radiodating arguments help me understand why ancient pottery artifacts are so rare.
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