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Radios, umbrellas, and sound.

  1. Mar 27, 2014 #1
    So today I was holding up an umbrella near someone playing music, and it sounded like the music was coming from the top of my umbrella.

    Is this a similar effect to a radio? Can it be seen as sound being a disturbance of the air that causes the metal to vibrate which amplifies it to make it sound like it is originating from a different location?

    Also, I'm tired, but I'm putting this up so that people will tell me if it is an accurate way to see it, because I like to be accurate. Or if it is a completely different effect it would be nice to know, I'm just guessing randomly here.
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    radio gets em waves as signals, that are tapped in by the metallic conductor, music is acoustic waves, I understand that you are confusing the two!!
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    I think, Reflection of sound was working.
    The umbrella is focusing the sound waves on you.
    the waves you are getting from umbrella is more than you are getting direct.
    That is why you think that the sound waves are coming from umbrella.
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    I'm in agreement with Varun. The umbrella is most likely reflecting the sounds waves towards you, which, because of the umbrella's curved shape, are focused, causing them to be louder than the ambient music and making it seem like they are coming from the umbrella.
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    That helps you ?
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    Oh wow, that is really cool and interesting. And weird.
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