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Homework Help: Radius ratio

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    in the radius ratio of a crystal, what is the difference between the radius of the interstitial atom and large atom?
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    Don't you think that depends one heckuva lot on exactly what crystal you are talking about and what the atoms are?

    Unless you are asking about the difference in meaning and I would think that would be obvious!
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    i guess so, but i saw that in a textbook about crystallography, and i'm not really clear on what's the difference... it'd be nice if that book could show those two things in a picture or diagram...
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    The bulk of a crystal is a repeating pattern,
    so a "unit cell" can be centered on any atom.
    There are many different types of "unit cells",
    some retained for the sake of tradition.

    Whenever the book describes structure vectors,
    assemble a set of sticks in 3-d to show them.
    Especially at first, 2-d drawings might not cut it.
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    ok, thanks!
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