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Ramification group of valuations - need terminology

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    I am lost and need some terminology (also hopefully sources).
    Let L/K be a Galois extension, and w be a valuation of a L, lying above a valuation v of K. Notice that I do not suppose that w is discrete.
    Given α > 0 in the finite image of w, each of the following can easily been shown to be a subgroup of the inertia group of w in L :

    * { σ ∈ Gal(L/K) : w(σ x - x) ≥ α },

    * {σ ∈ Gal(L/K) : w(σ x - x) > α },

    * { σ ∈ Gal(L/K) : w(σ x - x) ≥ w(x) + α },

    * { σ ∈ Gal(L/K) : w(σ x - x) > w(x) + α}.

    What is the terminology for these subgroups ? (I guess some variant of "ramification group of order α) ?
    Can you indicate me a source ?
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