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Ramtha - A real channel?

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    My freind recently reccomended i watch some footage of JZ knight, who claims to be channeling a spirit called Ramtha. Of course, i dismissed his comments, as i do not beleive in spirits, or ghosts, or any other (probably psychosematic) phenomeneon. However, out of pure curiousity i did watch some footage of Ramtha, and i have to say, i was amazed.

    She has been studied by a number of top experts, and they were all baffled by her knowledge. They both came to the conclusion that Ramtha is a 'decidedly non local phenomenon'.

    There is something about her when she speaks that i cant quite put my finger on, theres something in the way that she says it that makes me think that she is not normal. She gives the deepsest philosophical discussion i have ever heard, and what she says does seem to make sense, its not your typical crank psychic crap. What she said really ressonated with me for some reason, and she scared the pants off of the person interviewing her by the deepness of her converstaion, he wasn't sure how to react to her. She started speaking about how you would define yourself, then speaks about our existance being intangible, our emotions and how we collectively percieve reality. You can see the interview here;


    The first thing that i noticed is how different a person Ramtha seems to JZ knight. Her entire volcabulary seems to change when she is 'channeling' Ramtha, so does her voice, and there is something in her eye's that seems different.

    As i say, i dont generally believe in this type of stuff, but i have to admit Ramtha has intrigued me. I would have said that she is just a good actor, but what she says seems to be so wise i cant get it out of my head.

    what do you think?
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    Ivan Seeking

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    I think this is complete drivel and not worthy of discussion here.

    You might consider raising your standards for evidence; even for anecdotal evidence. :smile:
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