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Random circut

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    i am building a thing to launch one of 10 random soda cans. they will be released by a trunk latch which will release them and a spring will pull them quickly up hopefully going about 3-4 feet in the air.

    the question i have is that i want them to be random or seemingly random. a pattern would be fine as long as i could change it easily buy switching wires of the 10 throwers

    they will be set up as such the numbers represent an individual launcher


    i need to figure out some sort of a circuit for them that will launch randomly 1 of the 10 then take it of the random mix for a total of 5 launches. it is OK if it throws 1 and then 6 but obviously it can not throw number 1 two times.

    i am not very good at electronics and i do not know what i need to do this. so much so that i don't even know what i need to Google to find parts.

    some help on a direction to move to would be very helpful.
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    Run a CD4015 quickly, interrupt it running with a button, one random output will be high.
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    Hi pieperz06. Given your inexperience, I'm afraid this is too ambitious a project for you to tackle by yourself. To design, build, and debug the circuit and an interface, you will need the help of a friend who has some experience in DIY electronics. If you have someone to help, it could be based on these ideas, in particular the first circuit in the eleccircuit.com URL below:


    P.S. it's clear that the eleccircuit.com text has been translated from another language into English by a computer, and there is plenty of room for further improvement!
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