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Random Numbered .exe programs

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    Hi i am having a little bit of a problem for some strange reason my computer is running random numbered .exe programs example: 361921.exe and each one is trying to contact the DNS server. Can any one tell me what this is or how to fix it.

    I think it had something to do with the latest windows update that i downloaded yesterday. If anyone has a clue about what might be happening i will appreciate any advice
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    I have at least 30 of such processes running at one time
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    It might be a virus. Some replicate and try to circumvent identification by constantly changing their name.

    Did the virus scanner show anything?
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    yes Norton says it is a low risk trying to contact DNS server but when i scanned my pc it came up clean. I found all of the programs in the temp files folder. I am going to attempt to delete them
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    You can't delete the process exe file while the process is running.
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    Scan your pc in safe mode with spybot and ad-aware, then your virus program. Do not forget to update them before going to the safe mode.
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