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Random Pictures. Gotta love the interweb.

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    jimmy p

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    This is an example of the work of the Art Petit Dejeuner movement started in the 1930's by a group of disgruntled students of the French collage artist Claude Trouve, who disllowed them from using any perishable items in their work. Feeling this was a bourgeois and short sighted restriction, they embarked on their own, deliberately creating works they knew would not last: pancakes decompose, bunnies get eaten, and so forth. Their leader, who wished to be known only as Crepe, specialized in art made from breakfast foods and the name of the group arose from this.

    The last remaining member of the group, an American, of all things, who'd been studying in Paris at the time, died only last year, anonymous and forgotten, in Brooklyn. I think this is one of his pieces.

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    jimmy p

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    Ahh yes, another inspiring lesson on art from professor zooby from the "Crock of Faeces" school of general education and learning.

    That was almost convincing :biggrin:
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