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Random Rants

  1. Sep 16, 2006 #1
    Why should students need 4 years of English but only 3 of science and math to graduate?

    Why are terrorists called terrorists? It only helps them cause TERROR.

    Why are many American soldiers who are supposed to defend America and its ideals fighting a war in Iraq?

    The last one was just kind of spur of the moment because I forgot the others :/
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    (i) English is much more important than math/science will ever be. Good luck trying to do something without being able to communicate in some language. I am sure what you are getting at is how stupid/useless your English class is because you are doing something silly in it right now, and I will probably agree with you there. Personally, I think English should be the only required class for high school (with 3 or 4 years of it, consisting of Reading, Writing, and [public] Speaking).
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    (i) mattmns covered;
    (ii) it ain't politically correct to call them what they really are;
    (iii) there is no home field advantage in warfare.
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    Yea i am just kinda bored/pissed at English right now and i understand that English is needed iw as aiming for why it is the ONLY one that needs 4 years.
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    Why? Because four years is not nearly enough for most people; read a few threads if you need examples.
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    How many threads now has this forum had this year, with grade students complaneing about english class? What is this, a winery?

    3 years = 4 years for all intensive purposes. No meaningfull differents, besides science education is bad enough as it was, no knead to add an extra year of political-neutral biology class. Noone would benefits.
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    English is necessary, I can completely see why it is a required subject throughout grade school, even in univeristy it is necessary to take the one required english class. My only complaint is that at my univeristy you have to take an english class that requires you to read books/poems/plays and analyze their meaning,.....I think a technical writing class would have been much more beneficial to me, a class teaching you to write proper journal articles would have been interesting, informative and invaluable. However, as it was I will be learning to write proper journal articles as I go :(
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    Chi Meson

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    You could of mentioned that its not the number of years of english you take per say the thing of it is is how you spend time in you're class lol :) irregardless of weather you get good grades and have lots of fun lol u would be wasting time with classes u h8 lol
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    English is necessary, but I really don't think I needed to learn how to write short fiction. Everything else in the curricula I agree with.
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