Randomness can never be achieved, nor emanate from

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I was contemplating the innards of an algorithm that I needed to write in order to try to simulate randomness in a computer programme. In that process, this chain of thought crossed my mind:

Randomness can never be achieved, nor emanate from, any non-random source or system. Everything that is non-random is predetermined and predeterminable because time exists in the system in question. Time is the lens allowing otherwise "random" events (and universes) to become "tangible", "visible", "material". At the time of the Big Bang, it was not necessarily that nothing existed, but rather time did not exist, so the substantiation of whatever it was that did exist was not demonstrable. There was no formal framework (time) in which matter could manifest itself.

At the moment just prior to the creation of a universe, time does not exist. This permits the effects of randomness to operate freely, removing the temporal constraint of multiple entities not being able to occupy the same place at the same instant.

The absence of time permitted all the fundamental particles (or energy levels) to determine the same position in space simultaneously. This isoterminal situation generated an unscheduled fluctuation in what was essentially an empty space - a quantum fluctuation in nothing - representing an unsustainable spatial or material singularity requiring a quantum differentiation. The only expression for this differentiation would be via a minute temporal difference, which probabalistically managed to express itself to provide the framework for the demonstration of the underlying material condition, ie the stuff of the 'Big Bang'. When time was created there was only a small amount of it. It has continued to expand in parallel with its material payload. The more the universe expands, the more time is required to contain it.

I just wondered what contributors might say to this conjecture.

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I think you have the right idea, just not holistic enough. For example, a recent discovery is that the information entropy is proportional to the surface area. Among other implications is that chaos and order are inseperable and form a continuum if you will.

Among other things, what theories like the String theories are searching for is an extension of the Strong Equivalency principle of Relativity. Mass equals energy equals space equals time, etc. You are therefore making an extension to this principle that time equals chaos, but unless you can frame this in a meaningful way it is just so much speculation along the lines of saying everything is actually made of cotton candy.
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Hello George


I thought I would link this post to your questions and observations, to help with what I undertand. It may not be right , but then again it might be really simple thing to undertand the way I have presented it?

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I think time has existed eternally with a physical Universe. This is also belived by Earnest
Sternglast in his book "Before the Big Bang."

Walking In Time
By Rybo6 alias Os_jbug

Walking in times twilight of uncertainty,
Shrouded by doubts of location relative to speed,
And a plurality of universes that may contain a Heisgnberg,
And some that may not.

The sum of histories are forever branching,
To create the group soul of divine presence
Just as motions mass pulls upon our individual spirit.
To create the divine presence of consciousness.

We traverse on many trajectories,
Of times evolutionary arrows,
Crisscrossing to form patterns,
Energetically sewn as one great web,
Geodesically economical for eternity.
From Time To Time
By Rybo6 alias OS_Jbug

Practice, "over time",
Makes better, "in time",
Whatever, "takes time".
In spite of, "limited time",
We find, "the time",
And possibly we resonate, "with time".

We may also "extend or shorten time",
Relative to the "sum-total of time",
Being that there are those who take their "sweet time",
And others who are constantly running "out of time".

So it happens there is "no time",
In a Universe that is "full of time",
And those who keep "track of time",
Warning us of the coming "end of time."

I have no illusions "about time",
Nor about the theories "surrounding time",
I do know that there is "a time",
To forget "about time."

Alas, this is the end of "my time",
Talking of endless ideas "involving time",
And allowing me a one final concept "concerening time."

That all people on occasion, hopefully, "have a good time."
Time ^3 (t to third power)
By Rybo6 alias Os_jbug

And frequecny,
Of viewpoint.

Frequently re-occuring,
Of my thoughts.

Virtual space,
Awaiting collapse
Between my thoughts.

No-mind the space,
No-mind the thoughts,
No-mind the bits of time.

Virtual time,
Awaiting collapse,
Between virtual photons.

Interfereing angles,
Precess their way,
Into consciousness.

In my unconscious sleep,
And my conscious wake,

I was,
I “IS”,
And hope to be,

In time,
For the terminal coming,
Of death.

Which Apears to occur,
Between the spaces,
The bits and viewpoints,
Of time.
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time does not has not and will not exist as a law constant or anything the "time" you speak of is only a manifestation of human evolution we didnt discover time we imagined it and still are imagining it to organize ourselves [zz)]
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Perhaps time is not just an illusion. Perhaps time exists in the F-theory sense (multiple time dimensions). This might solve all of the riddles and paradoxes and mathematical inconsistencies, for assuming 10 dimensions of space (real or imaginary, in the mathematical sense) is quite narrow minded, if you ask me.
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The relevant of time seems two have more points of view then the time zones of consensus time ( each person ), earth time, universal time, edge of time If numbers go on too the end of time then that states there are infinite solutions to infinite problems and infinite problems to infant solutions
Data encryption 360 degrees rotation document 90 degrees and encryption on every angel then change it two binary code and fold it over like a
piece of paper then having the one's and zero cancel each other out. if you written a very long letter and then change it two binary code it would look like this.

10010101010100101010101 would equal = 01

If you took the piece of paper and folded it and folded it and folded it the 0 and 1 would cancel each out and if you keep folding the piece of paper too the smallest you would have 4 numbers left if 1+1 = nothing and 0 + 0 = nothing 1+0=1 and 0+1+0 01 now if the key new the folding times you could send 2 bytes over the internet and unzip a 100 zetabyte program you computer could store all the programs ever written but just need the key to unzip then you could us this for SETI for signals or can you imagine a computer processor that would be 1.8 Hz but run like 100 million zeta hz you could use the new 64 bit process second side to unzip while the front side processes. or use this for the matrix or quantum computing or super computer. 64 bit. 1+1 = nothing and 0 + 0 = nothing 1+0=1 and 0+1+0 don't forget to use < and > signs 0>1+1<0. You could use this transmit a signal to space that would never be decrypted or encrypted to space
this is random!!!!.

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