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Randomness/coincidence & consciousness

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    coincidence & consciousness

    I was thinking that if you knew all information about the Big Bang, then you would be able to, with a powerful enough computer, calculate the future(you could calculate every action of every particle and the result of it on all other particles, till the end of times).

    But, as Heisenberg said:

    So it is not possible to know the the exact position and movement of all particles, so he said:

    And this brought me to the whole Quantum Mechanics stuff about probability. Im not sure if i got all of it right, but this is what i think i understood of it:

    Physical reality is formed by the most probably outcome of observations. The most probable outcome is formed by physical reality.

    A = physical reality
    B = the most probable outcome

    A shapes B
    B shapes A
    A = B

    Then i remembered reading a website (princeton engineering anomalies research) http://www.princeton.edu/~pear/ , where they had discovered that human consciousness can influence various types of machinery(in predefined ways), even if the humans were thousands of miles removed from the machinery.

    One quote from their abstracts:
    So that would mean that human consciousness can influence the most probable outcome/physical reality. And it would also mean that there is some kind of communication between two human consciousnesses, because they both agree on what physical reality is like. For instance, 2 persons watching the tv news from 2 different locations, both see the same thing.

    And even if no human observer is present(with 'present' lets assume 'in a 10 lightyear radius'), physical reality still exists.

    So there is 'something' that determines what is most probable. And human consciousness is part of this 'something'.

    Do you guys suppose this something must be conscious?

    And does any of this rule out 'coincidence' or 'randomness', meaning that everything is predetermined?
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    Just last night I watched a very interesting segment on Daily Planet (on the Discovery channel). This guy made a random number generator that does a series of high/low voltages to generate random numbers. He charts the data an on dates that have a big worldly event (sept 11) strange things happen. He had many graphs for dates/months that show some pretty interesting phenomenon. He believes there is a link to the human races collective consciousness and randomness. Something like that, i only got a brief view of it, ill try find out more and post here.

    ahh found a good post on discovery.ca.

    Read it here

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    I remember princeton university has this project called global Consciousness Project.

    Heres the site.


    Heres a quote from the site:

    I tried finding some conclusions from the study, but couldnt find any(i didnt look for long though).

    [edit]i just noticed we're both talking about the same thing.

    Anyway, suppose this "global consciousness" could influence the probabilities that shape reality... would that mean that our free will can change the future and that fate doesnt exist?

    Or, because our free will is causually affected by physical reality, physical reality still influences itself(through global consciousness), which would mean fate does exist?
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    I guess I should stop wishing cancer upon certian people, some day I may get tried for murder.
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