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Range for this graph?

  1. Sep 16, 2003 #1
    [SOLVED] Range for this graph?

    Can anyone tell me what the range is on this graph. see attached. Thanks

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    is this a trick question?
    anyway I use Matlab mostly and from my experience I'd say x range is [-3, 3] and y range is [-2, 2]. At least that's what I would set in the graph window given your curve...
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    Rule 1: Know the definitions!!

    "range" MEANS the set of all y values of the function.

    Looking at the graph I see that y goes up to 2, down to -2 and takes on all values between (the graph is a continuous line).

    The range is the interval [-2,2] (i.e. all numbers larger than or equal to -2 and less than or equal to 2.)
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