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Homework Help: Range must be bounded by constant expressions

  1. Jul 24, 2012 #1
    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
    Code (Text):

    logic [4:0]counter;
    logic [WORD_W-1:0] mdr_rite_[COLOR="Red"][counter][/COLOR];  //range must be bounded by constant expressions
    logic [WORD_W-OP_W-1:0] mar_rite_[COLOR="red"][COLOR="Red"][counter][/COLOR][/COLOR]; //range must be bounded by constant expressions

    always_ff@(posedge clock, negedge n_reset)
        if (!n_reset)
          SE <= 0;
          counter <=0;
          if (check)
            if (counter < 10)
                mar_rite_[counter] <= mar_check;
                mdr_rite_[counter] <= mdr_check;
                if (mar_rite_[counter]!=mar_check|mdr_rite_[counter]!=mdr_check)
    mar_check, mdr_check and check are the input. mar_rite, mdr_rite and counter are for internal use. And SE is the output.
    If check = 1, counter will +1. When counter is 0 to 9, the mar_check and mdr_check will store in the mar_rite_[counter] and mdr_rite_[counter]. If the counter is 10 or above, it will compare the mdr and mar value. If they are not the same, SE+1.
    It say the red colour part cannot be this kind of various. So I have to use another way to do this. I have try to use FSM but that is a bit long. Is there any hint for me to fix the errors?

    I guess the same problem as http://www.edaboard.com/thread21319.html
    But I am not quite understand how it does

    Best regard
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