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Rapid Healing

  1. May 3, 2003 #1
    This thread could also be titled Miracle Healing.

    If you have a story about a person who heals quickly or has healed faster than conventional medicine predicted... this is the place for your story.

    There are also a number of claims concerning methods of healing... using the mind and certain techniques like yoga or kundilini things like that which I rarely even think about...

    I do have one example which worked for me:

    Louise Hay

    Louise uses the power of thought and silent affirmations according to the area of the body that is out of whack... including the subconscious.

    Anyway... I'll shutup now!
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    Also post if it took LONGER than conventional medicine predicted to recover... I know I have.

    Also, doctors tend to be pessimistic in such predictions. Because people getting worse than they said usually gets them fired.
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    power of suggestion


    FZ+... you may be a survivor of your physician's suggestive powers... his/her pessimism may have put off your recovery... although... I had no idea a medic would see you about a hang over!!!

    It has been recorded again and again in certain treatment centres that when a specialist... in a white coat... with a pen guard and taped glasses suggests their patient will die in 6 days... they do.

    However, increasingly, people are revolted and revolting against these hypothetical and over assumptious prognosises and looking for second and third opinions that hold, not only the facts but, some avenue of escape from the worst case scenario.

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  5. May 27, 2003 #4
    It seems a physical hurt is always capable of healing faster than a mental emotional hurt held within our mind.

    Power over the mind is the key in both scenarios it would seem.
  6. May 27, 2003 #5
    I agree, Iron Orchid... in fact it is my considered opinion that all pain and suffering are a result of psychosomatic conditioning.

    If one thinks about it one realises that it is the thought that puts us where we are in any given situation... therefore... any given situation is psychosomatically induced. In other words... the body goes where the thoughts go... so, if my thoughts are saying... "lets hike the antartic"... and my body follows those thoughts and does hike the antartic... and the result is a painful bout of frostbite........ you can say that this condition of frost bite is a direct result of psychosomatic conditions.

    Thank you.
  7. May 27, 2003 #6
    At some point in time something may happen that will turn genes on in our bodies that will cause us to physically transform. This is accurate perception of what could happen at the time of transition or morph as some talk about to another density.

    The limitations to what our physical bodies can transform to if instructed by the DNA -- i.e. to heal, literally grow taller, rejuvenate, change our physical appearance, capabilities, or whatever -- depends on our receivership capability.

    Q: What is receivership capability?

    It is a change to a broader receivership -- meaning that we can receive more of something based on how good our receiver is.

    Q: What is our receiver? Is it the physical body?

    It is the Mind through central nervous system connection to higher levels.

    This brings us to the fact -- being the whole issue of gaining knowledge and developing control over our body through our mind -- that if our mind and CNS are tuned to higher levels of consciousness, this will have significance in terms of receivership capability and release of limitations.
  8. May 28, 2003 #7
    Yes. I agree again.

    Its not that I necessarily agree about the "higher Powers"... but perhaps the strength that comes with awareness.

    Take and example, per chance... like this...


    Biofeedback is much more efficent in its healing capacity when the person using biofeedback has a succinct knowledge of the different parts of their body... every detail a person has about their various organs helps to focus the healing agent that is being directd by that Biofeedback..............such as white blood cells, etc....

    The clearer a picture a person has of their body on this mortal coil... the better job is done of correcting what ails them.

    Biofeedback is an interestin sub-topic of this thread...
  9. May 28, 2003 #8
    Carp, dear lord a fish hanging around the borders of the bowl again get back inside.
  10. May 28, 2003 #9
    I was not trying to bring in "higher Powers"... from some outside artificial intelligence community.

    Some of the problems are that we do not really understand the physics of conductivity and superconductivity of our own body circuits.

    I realize that macroscopic quantum effects are more common for thought. It is evident to everyone who likes to hang at Circuit City that technology is progressing pretty fast in these areas; but the same cannot be said about our body understanding !

    Too much research in "safe" areas - is producing nothing but "papers."

    Me thinks people are afraid of the discipline involved in control of the Mind which would, thus, increase their "powers" where a health situation could be modified in a beneficial way.

    But, alas, this requires work; conscientious and sustained effort. Introspection carried out relentlessly results in enhanced internal sensibility. This improved sensibility in its turn intensifies the amplitude and frequency of movement within the neverous sytstem.

    A Mind Practitioner has also theorized that you can stop your body's age by concentrating on keeping it at that particular point where you felt at the height of health and fitness and beauty. See yourself as this and focus energy to that vision of yourself and be it. 41 is a good age to stay........

    I hope to study and hear more of your biofeedback techniques in regards to this subject. These outside "powers" may help a person with a bit of the required conscientious work, per say ?!
  11. May 28, 2003 #10
    OK, we can study biofeedback some more. I'll post some links and give some of my understanding about it. There are some relaxation techniques that I should expose here as well. These were used over a 10 year period in a cancer treatment centre and the survival rate during that time climbed to a point that stood above the National statistics of Canada. The concentration of the medical and support staff was not only on Relaxation but also on conventional treatment... so, the results were from a mixed bag of directions.
    The Relaxation methods were combined in the Radiation units with music and imagery as well as in the Chemotherapy units.... so the success of this synthesis require some untangling to find the most usefull and the source of the most healing.

    A person I met who works in a spa shivered me timbers with her vitality and health. Radiant energy around the pool table. It seems to me that the advantage is in understanding the workings of the body long before any dis-comforts evolve... this way the unbalance can be nipped in the bud. I'm not sure of her age and it would be a hard thing to guess... she had such a control over her fluctuations and generation of wavicles that I do believe she had grappled the essence of quantum existance, early on in life.edit:(in this case, a quantum existance being that ability to exist in all states simultaniously. Again, in this case, using lower states of health like smoking, cavorting and drinking beer as well as higher states and an understanding of good health to achieve some of the other, more elusive, states available in this universe!!!)
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  12. May 30, 2003 #11
    Having just come from a two day seminar with 500 physicians in attendance, it is obvious to me that the majority of people drawn unto themselves bad health and, perhaps, a more direct path to their own demise rather than rapid healing. They allow their pain body to control their thoughts and create their reality. Maybe they just need the attention. Maybe it is easier than the discipline it takes to live a fulfilling life of health. I do not know.

    It is nice that you allow yourself some freedoms to be out amongst people who intrigue and give you cause for enthusiasm and do not shut everyone out of your space. Your energy is well served by this expansion. thank you and peaceful power to you.

    iron ore kid
  13. May 30, 2003 #12
    Hi Iron Orchid

    A direct path to their demise?

    It could be that this is their mistaken perscription for some sort of post traumatic disorder. The body is ferousious in its thrashing about in an attempt to cure what ails it.

    The mind is similar, yet with unfocused train of thought, the mind cannot make change as readily as its counterpart, the body.

    So, with the mind working on a subconscious level, flailing and thrashing at its unpronounced terrors and its undiscovered causes for grief... the body follows these unfocused directions of the subconscious and slowly, or rapidly, rids the mind of this trapping... the body.

    Sort of like... putting one's self out of one's misery.

    Another example of this sort of behaviour in the body is the ATTACK OF THE WHITE BLOODCELLS on the nervous system.

    Enduring Multiple Sclerosis means enduring one's own immune system continuously attacking one's own nervous system.

    I asked... why does the immune system want to rid its host (the body) of the body's nervous system? What is the nervous system doing to generate this autonomic response in the immune system?

    My hypothesis is that, over time, a person can have, say, 500,000,000,000 negative thoughts (that are catapulted down the central nervous system in an alarming way)... or more. If this is the case... and you were a white blood cell programmed to protect your host (the body)that is creating all this disturbance... what would you do? For me, I would attack thos bloody nerves. That's what I'd do.

    And that's what happens. The immune system attacks the nerve bundles of the body... in the case of MS. They attack and the protective mylinated protein sheath is stripped away... and the nerve is slowly degenerated... basically shutting it up!

    Sounds brutal. But, it is almost as if the body wished all of this to happen... right from the first negative thought generated... why? don't know.

    But, I have a feeling this applies to most sicknesses. These sicknesses are a kind of quick cure for certain subconscious ailments... hidden, motivating memories that drive the corporeal body toward a quick fix... that may, or quite often may not, be just what the subconscious doctor ordered!

    Thank you for your well wishes. You have all of mine, as well, eh?!
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  14. May 31, 2003 #13
    Natural Remedies for the body/mind natural distraughtness -- What about a natural health factory like the Earth was originally meant to be?

    There should be a large number of factories in America so that these healthful articles could be obtained in every grocery store.

    THE COUNTRY DOCTOR: The following is an extract from "The Sawdust Trail".....

    During the first three years of my life, I was sickly and could scarcely walk. Mother used to carry me on a pillow which she made for that purpose. There sere no resident physicians in those pioneer days, and itinerant doctors would drive up to our cabin and ask, "Anybody sick Here ?"

    One day, Doctor Avery, A Frenchman, called at our cabin and mother told him, "I have a little boy three years old who has been sick ever since he was born."

    The old doctor said, "Let me see him." He gave me the once over while I yelled and screamed like a Comanche Indian. Then he said to Mother, " I can cure that boy."

    She asked him how much he would charge, and he replied, "Oh, if you will feed me and my old mare, that will pay the bill."

    Mother said, "All right, but you will have to sleep up in the garret. We have no stairs and you'll have to climb the ladder."

    He replied, "That suits me." He then went into the woods and picked leaves from various shrubs, including mulberry leaves and elderberries, dug up roots, and from them made a syrup and gave it to me. In a short time I was going like the wind and have been hitting on all eight ever since. From that day to this, elderberries and mulberries have been my favorite wild fruits, and I like sassafras tea.

    I do not believe that there is a disease to which human flesh is heir but that somewhere there is growing a weed or an herb or plant that will cure it. Somewhere there is a remedy for the dread plagues of the human race, consumption and cancer. God has made the cure and is waiting for man to discover it.

    The greatest doctor this world ever knew is an old Christian mother, and my mother was the greatest of all. I regret that I did not write down the names of all the herbs and roots she knew, and the diseases they would cure. When she put on the "specks" to look at the sore and spread salve on it, that made it almost well.

    You may name this suggestive therapeutics or the power of mind over matter. All these designations are as useless as the name of the horse that Paul Revere rode. The fact remains.
  15. May 31, 2003 #14
    iron~orchid, don't know you very well but I know you very well. The only trophy modern man has over is ancestors is his absolute ignorance and arogance. The arogance makes him less than he is because the mind is closed to reality instead of being objective and open to it.

    The used intelligence of most modern day thinkers goes about this far. Experts say most accidents happen within 7 miles of your home. That is why everyone is constantly moving including the experts. If one understands the nature of what caused the joke. The whole world changes from top to bottom because there will be no top and there will be no bottom.
  16. May 31, 2003 #15
    Good morning Fe Orchidus!

    Of course the remedies for what I proport to be psychosomatic ailments are abundant and prolific throughout the sphere of the earth. For every ill thought there is a counterweight.

    However. My main thrust in this thread is that there is often times no need for medicines, if and when the mind of the stricken has excercised its power to control its counterpart, the body....... like the old guy from Tacoma said to his wife: "mind over matter, Scarlet".

    Further to that, mind you, once the subconscious has done its worst and brought the body into harm's way, and the body is cut or bruised or the cells mutated and so on and so on... here is when the Shark Cartilage or the Bladder Wort and the Willow Bark of the Christian Mother or the Hindu Shaman or the Firstnation Medicine Man come in handy. And, as you say, the more the patient believes in any remedy... including Radiation Therapy... the quicker, quite possibly, they will recover............perhaps.

    Then again, one doubt lurking in the back of the mind can hinder progress in any given direction.
  17. May 31, 2003 #16
    This thread examines the phenomenon of rapid healing or miracle healing. If you have some data or experience about the subject to contribute, please do.

    Otherwise, please keep what appears to be your annoyoing musings about dickity squat out of this thread. First and last warning.
  18. May 31, 2003 #17
    Regardless of the sophistication of the specialists, treatments, pharmacodynamics or words,

    ........."The fact remains."

    ...."When she put on the "specks" to look at the sore and spread salve on it, that made it almost well."

    What is that "fact" or factor which induced the patient in the scenario above to sway toward healing ?

    Hint: It was not the salve.
  19. Jun 1, 2003 #18
    Otherwise, please keep what appears to be your annoyoing musings about dickity squat out of this thread. First and last warning.

    The only annoying thing on this forum Carl is your stupidity and arrogance. You have no clue and it's obvious to anyone that knows but only one thing truly. The point that applies to this thread you don't obviously understand. That would be your problem, it was meant for iron~orchid. I may appreciate all life, but I still swat the occasional mosquito.
  20. Jun 1, 2003 #19
    FINE. I am out of here since my posts are so annoying.

    peaceful swat team to you
  21. Jun 1, 2003 #20
    Iron Orchid, your posts are not annoying to me.

    10 years. I warned you.
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