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Rate law seconds and concentration

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    could you check this?

    AB(g) → A(g) + B(g)

    Rate = k[AB]^2
    k = 0.2L/mol∙S

    How long will it take for [AB] to reach 1/3 (one third) of its initial concentration of 1.50M? What is [AB] after 10.0 seconds?

    2nd order overall reaction so:
    part A
    1/[A] - 1/[A]o = (k)(t)
    1/0.5 - 1/1.50 = (0.2)(t)
    6.667 = t

    part B
    1/[A] - 1/1.5 = (0.2)(10 s)
    [A] = 0.375
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    Correct, and correct !

    Just remember to put in the units; time in seconds and concentration in mol/L or M (molar).
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    okie dokie. thanks.
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