Rate of collisions of molecules in a container

1. At 100C the rms speed of nitrogen molecules is 576 m/s. Nitrogen at 100C and a pressure of 2.0 atm is held in a container with a 10cm x 10cm square wall.

2. N_coll / deltaT = 0.5(N/V)*A*v_x

3. I know that I have to use v_rms/3 = v_x = 192 m/s, and the area will be 0.01 m^2. Is (N/V) simply n/V from the ideal gas law? If so, I calculate it to be:

n/V = 65.35 mol/m^2, and would I multiply by Avogadro's to obtain 3.94*10^-21 m^-2?

But then the units of (N/V) and A would cancel, leaving with units of m/s because of v_x, and I need units in inverse seconds.


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