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Rate of evaporation

  1. Nov 4, 2015 #1
    I was thinking of doing an experiment for my maths coursework to plot a graph to, and was thinking of doing something related to the rate of evaporation of water. My thinking is that i conduct an experiment where I heat water to boiling point so it is at about a constant temperature with a constant power source and measure the rate that the mass decreases. I thought that if Q=mcT, then as the mass decreases a smaller amount of energy is required to in effect change the temperature.
    I'm not too sure, I'd hope that if i plotted mass against time I would get a -ve log graph which I could determine a formula for?
    If anyone had any comments/thoughts as to whether it would be viable or if I needed to clarify something I wold be grateful to hear them :)
    Thanks, B
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    Maybe I should be referring to boiling rather than evaporation?
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    If you increase the temperature of the water to its boiling point, the temperature stays constant and all the heat input changes the water to steam (look up "latent energy"). So a constant heat input would cause a constant decrease of mass.
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