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Homework Help: Rate of Reaction

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    If i were to increase to react potassium iodate with sodium hydrogen sulphite at room temperature, what would happen to the rate of react and why if:

    1) i increased the volume of iodate solution added
    2) increased the volume of the sodium hydrogen sulhpite solution.
    3) used too much starch indicator
    4) decreased the volume of iodate solution added
    5) decreased the volume of the sodium hydrogen sulhpite solution.

    I have a lab due monday and my teacher doesn't teach us a thing! Thanx a bunch!
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    Strictly speaking, you can not predict the effect of concentration on the reaction rate, and will have to do an experiment to determine this. In most cases, however, you can expect the reaction rate to depend directly on the concentrations of the reactants.

    So, is this a question from a lab that you've already done, or for a lab that you are going to do ? The KIO3 + NaHSO3 rection is often used for labs where you are asked to determine the rate equation from the experiments. Is this what the lab is about ? If so, the question must be answered using the results of the lab.
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    Ya but I'm talking about volume, not concentration. If, for example, i used more sodium hydrogen sulphite, what would happen?
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