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Rate problem

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    Suppose it takes 48 women 16 days to do the same job that it takes 16 men to do in 24 days. If 10 men started working on the job and worked for 5 hours, then all 48 women joined them. how long would it take them working together to finish the job?

    i know i have to find the rates so i have

    48/16= 3 women/day

    16/24= 2/3 men/day

    i am just having trouble knowing what to do with the fact that 10 men started working BEFORE the women joined. i could this problem easily if they both started working at the same time.

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    What do you mean by '48/16= 3 women/day'? It takes 48 women one day to do 1/16 of the job, right? Further on, it takes 16 men one day to do 1/24 of the job. See what you can do with that.
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    im still confused. i understand what you said.
    i know 1/t1 + 1/t2 = 1/t total
    any other advice

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    Gib Z

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    Well, If it takes 48 women 1 day to do 1/16 of the job, a one women, in one day, would take 1/(16*48). For 1 man in 1 day they could do 1/(16*24). From that you can see men do twice as much as women. The values i stated just before are for days, divide by 24 to get hours.
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