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Homework Help: Rate word problem

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    Someone please help me with this problem.

    How many meals were served per labor minute if 34 FTF produced 3800 meals in one 40 hour week, thanks. I dont know where to begin.
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    One is asked to find a rate, expressed in meals/minute.

    So Rate = Variable / Time.

    The Variable in this problem is the number of meals.

    Time = The 40 hrs (the time labor works in one calendar week).

    So how many minutes in 40 hrs?
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    Thanks, there r 2400 mins in 40 hr.
    Rate = 3800 meals/ 2400 min.

    But am not getting the answer.
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    What is "FTF"?

    What is a "labor minute"?
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    I think FTF means employees.

    This is what am getting

    3800/40 hr
    = 3800/2400 min
    = 1.58

    1.58/ 34 = 0.05

    This answer that am getting is one of the options. I hope am right, thanks.
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    I hope that is NOT one of the options because, in this question, "0.05" is meaningless! 0.05 WHAT? What are the units?

    Are you sure it wasn't FTE? "Full Time Employees" would make more sense.
    There are 60 minutes per hour and so 60*40= 2400 minutes per "40 hour week". Serving 3800 meals in that time is (3800 meals)/(2400 minute) meals/minute= 1.583333 meals/minute. Since there were 34 employees working one minute is 34 "employee-minutes" so we need to divide by 34
    (1.583333 meals/minute)/(34 employee-minutes/minute)= 0.0466 meals/employee-minute. You are welcome to round that off to 0.05 but the units are an essential part of the answer: I hope the answer you are referring to is "0.05 meals per employee-minute".
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