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Rational Equations question's

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    Ok, so before every says that im just looking for answers, I would like to say my teacher has been on "stress leave" for the past 5 weeks and we have been tought by a very bad "math" teacher

    Im having a hard time with Rational Equations, I guess because I have no notes on it :cry: So im looking for some help. I was given a sheet and have to have it done but since I can only do a few, im asking for your help....

    Question #1
    7/s-1 - 10/s^2-s = s+2/s I dont even know where to start

    Question #2
    2y/y^2+3y-10 + 4/y^2+6y+5 = 3y/y^2-y-2
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    Start off by getting rid of the annoying denominators. Multiply through the equations by the highest powered denominator you can find and it'll turn into a much friendlier equation.

    Just remember that none of the denominators can equal zero, so you must check your solutions with the original equation!

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