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Rational Expressions

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    I was wondering if someone could check these questions to make sure that I am doing these correctly. I have attached a few questions in word document as I could not type it properly on here.

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    [tex]\frac{5x^ 2- 20}{x^2+14x+24}= \frac{5(x^2-4)}{(x+12)(x+2)}[/tex]

    x2- 4 can be factored and this simplifies more.

    [tex]\(\frac{25}{12x^2y}\)\(\frac{3y^3}{10x}\)= \frac{5y^2}{8x^2}[/tex]

    Carefully count the number of 'x's in the denominators.

    [tex]\(\frac{x^2-25}{12x^2}\)\(\frac{9x}{2x^2+10x}\)= \frac{3(x-5)}{18x^2}[/tex]

    How did the "9" in the numerator become "3"?
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