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Ratios and decibels

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    I am analyzing sets of data in ratio form (0 to 1). My interest at the moment is the differences between 2 sets of data, let's say set A and set B. Initially I thought I wanted to analyze the data all in the form of ratios so all my means and SDs are calculated based on those ratios. Again, my main interest is in the mean differences between set A and set B. Now, I realize that I need to convert my data to decibels for comparison to other work. What would the least time-consuming way of going about this be? Am I able to simply take the mean difference in ratio form and convert it to dB or do I need to convert all the original data to dB before taking the mean and calculating the differences? My other question is how do you convert ratios of 0 or 1 to decibels?


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