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Homework Help: Ray-Sphere Intersection

  1. Aug 3, 2008 #1
    I'm trying to work through an explanation of how a ray-sphere intersection can be solved algebraically from here:

    My problem is at this step:

    I don't understand how they've expanded the formula.

    I thought you just multiplied each term in the left bracket by each term in the right bracket...which gave me...

    (o.o) + (c.c) - 2(c.o) - 2(d.c) + 2t(d.o) + t^2 (d.d) = r^2

    Have I made a mistake or is there some trick I'm missing?
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    You're expanding it out too far. The idea is to get it in a quadratic form. You treated it as three terms being squared and they treated it as two terms. Treat (o-c) as one term in the initial brackets and td as the other term. Then expand keeping (o-c) together as one term.
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    There isn't any trick. Just apply the distributive and commutative property of dot product to the vectors.
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