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RC Bandpass Filter !Help!

  1. Feb 2, 2007 #1
    Cutoff Freq. = 1/2piRC.
    Theoretical bandwidth = 5000 - 1000 (APP) = 4000

    But when I do it practically Or simulate as in the pic
    Bandwidth = 10000(Around).

    I asked the teachers in my college they say I did the practicals wrong. Those teachers gave signatures to everyone in the class even when they got the answers as I had.

    Please help. The date for the journal submission are near.

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    31 Views and not a single comment or answer !!! Ahh Never mind I got the ans.

    well I asked my teacher at college. She is very cool! She told me the following.

    f = 1/2piRC for LowPass and HiPass Filter. When the cutoff frequency of lowpass and hipass sections in Bandpass is close to each other, then the input that the other section recieves is not full (ie. Vo of one section should be app= Vin) which causes the Maximum output voltage to be very less. Also following formulas can be easily understood for one interested.

    Vo R1 * XC2
    -- = ------------------------------------------
    Vin sqrt(R1^2 + Xc1^2) * sqrt(R2^2 + Xc2^2)

    When the cutoff of high pass is reached then R1 = Xc1 and R2 = Xc2. Also there are related searches on the google.

    One should get more that 0.707 Vi as output, inorder get the proper results.
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