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RC car Project

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    So I have looked over a few other posts and do not feel like they are covering what I would like done. So I am currently using an Arduino Uno for the controller and am wanting to use an onboard Raspberry Pi in order to run the code and will be attached to my schools wifi in order to have a server to use WASD in order to move the car around. Like in a video game! So I will have a 4 slot USB hub on one of the Raspberry Pi's 2 slots and I will attach a wifi stick to it so it may connect. As time goes on, I would like to put a camera on in order to see what I am doing. But this will require me being able to connect to something. I able to control the car with WASD, but only if I am directly connected to my computer and I am unsure of what I am missing. This is a personal project that I thought would be cool and it keeps me busy. So any help would be greatly appreciated! :D
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    I'm not a software engineer, but I'll try to help.

    You say you can control with WASD from your computer connected to the RPi's USB. (That's quite a big step) Are you using RPC or something similar.

    So you are having problems getting control information through USB connected wifi to the RPi? Can you see the RPi file system through the wifi?

    It seems that you need the remote command structure you use through the USB to work though wifi connected to USB. If you can see the RPi filesystem, then you have the IP address, so it seems all should simply work. You need to tell me what I am missing.
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    So you have the base software working, but you need some wireless method of communication. I recommended using an XBEE. We used one with our UAV. They are good for hobbyist and very compatible with the raspberry pi and arduino.

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