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Homework Help: RC circuit and pulse width

  1. May 19, 2015 #1
    Hi, I have a question. So, I've built this simple RC circuit. Of course, the pulse width is then obtained from the oscilloscope. But, according to equation Vo(t) = E(e^(-t/RC)), the value t (pulse width) is larger. Considering the resistor, condenser, Voh, Vil, IC delay, and others, how should I say why above situations happened?
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    Given the total lack of specifics, it's hard to say. Perhaps you did a wrong calculation. How could we know since you have not given any actual values for anything?
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    That's not the equation for the pulse width, just the voltage on the capacitor.

    In most (all?) RC pulse generators what matters is the time it takes for the voltage on the capacitor to go from one pre-set voltage to another. Those voltages depend on the circuit (which you haven't detailed).
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