RC circuit lab problem

1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

I did the RC circuit lab
I measure the actual resistance of 1000Ω
Function Generator Resistance: 50 Ω
Function Generator Frequency: 1.4Hz

resistor used was 41uF in C1
Resistor used was 22uf for c2

So i have to find c1, c2 and use c1,c2 to calc. the total capacitance for series/parallel

Half Life:
C1: 1.200 milli sec
C2: 0.600 milli sec
Series C1, C2: 1.400 millisec
Parallel C1,C2: 2.000 millisec

2. Relevant equations

C= (t 1/2)/ Rln2

3. The attempt at a solution

C1: ( 1.200e-3)/ 50Ω * ln2 = 3.46E-5
C2: (.600 e-3)/ 50Ω* ln2= 1.73e-5

for parallel/ series capacitors, i'm not sure where to continue.

is it add up the c1 and c2 and thats my series capacitance? and 1/c1 +1/c2= my parallel capacitance?


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Re: Lab

Use c = c1+c2 if they are in parallel.
Use 1/c = 1/c1 + 1/c2 if they are in series.
Re: Lab

once i used my solve individual C's to solve in the series/ parallel then i'm done right?

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