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Homework Help: RC Circuit/Question

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    1-using the facts that R has units of potential difference per unit current and C has units of charge per unir potential difference, show that RC has units of time.
    2- how could a resistance-capacitance combination be connected to produce an output voltage which is the time integral of the input voltage?
    3-how might the internal resistance of the square-wave generator be measured?
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    Sounds like a homework question to me. Good luck.
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    Tom Mattson

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    I agree. Off you go to the Homework Forum! *kick* :biggrin:

    e_sovalye: We have rules here regarding homework questions, which you agreed to before posting. Those rules state that you must show that you have attempted to answer your own question before receiving help.

    So, post some of your thoughts on this and we'll get cracking on helping you!


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    For 1, look into something called the "RC Time constant," usually notated by Tau.

    For the others, what work have you done? What ideas can you come up with?
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