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Rc circuit

  1. Apr 24, 2005 #1
    If there is a circuit with--Emf -5V and one 5ohm resistor and one 20 F capacitor, what is the current of the circuit?
    Will there be any effects on current because of capacitor?
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    Please note these THREE points:

    1. You posted in the wrong section of PF. Did you miss the Homework Help section at the very TOP of the PF list?

    2. You multiple post this in the classical physics section. This is a no-no. You may want to read PF's guildelines before you proceed.

    3. You should not expect anyone to do your work for you. Please read the Sticky in the Homework help section and note that you should, at the very least, show what you have attempted to do so that we know where we should start in presented to you an explanation.

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