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RC Circuits and their uses

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    We are studying RC circuits in my physics class and I'm just curious as to what they are even for? My instructor challenged us to go find 5 uses for RC circuits and I am stumped. I cant even find any on google.

    Anybody know of any?
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    ya its funny. i looked there. there arent any uses listed. just types and calculations.
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    Probably the bass and treble controls on audio equipment. Amps, guitars, whatever. For precision you'd need to use a digital circuit, but otherwise an RC circuit would do it.
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    Well I saw a list, which included Bill's tone controls, low pass filters, differentiators, integrators etc etc.
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    What I'm saying is I have no idea or clue whatsoever what any of those uses you listed are.
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    Perhaps part of the intended exercise was that you should find out????

    It's a copy and paste world these days.
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    Shouldn't this be in homework anyway?
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    Perhaps he'll learn when he gets no useful responses.
    There's a Post No Homework sticky in some of the forums but not this one, I see.
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    Two circuits are very important with RC circuits: Integrators (R-C) and Diferenciators (C-R). These RC arrays are used with operational amplifiers in very fast analog computers.
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    haha wowwww. this ISNT HOMEWORK. Its an random inquiry. It was not assigned, hence I used the word "challenged." jeez. whats the point of this forum if people dont discuss the issue and rather the process of bringing up the issue. some people really just need to take a step back and think about what theyre saying.
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    So what did you make of the Wiki I linked to?
    There were more than 5 uses on that page alone, along with links to more.

    Alternatively what special property do you associate with RC circuits, that for instance circuits with resistors or capactors alone do not possess.

    In other words what has your teacher told you about RC circuits?
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