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I've been set the following assignment on RC circuits that I thought I understood. Turns out I don't:


I understand what is happening in the circuit and what it is asking me to do but I don't really know how to go about it.

When i transposed the charging formula i got:

When i transposed the discharging formula i got:

Not really sure if these are correct but if they are, how do I go about calculating the theoretical charge and discharge times when I don't know Vc

I might just be being stupid but Maths and Physics were never my strong points so any help would be much appreciated (or if you wanna do the assignment I wouldnt mind ;P)

Thanks for you time and help,
Dan - Edinburgh, Scotland


Just like to say thanks for the 'overwhelming' response from you all.!

Thanks a bunch!
well, i'm not sure about everyone else, but the document in your first link is unreadable on my computer.

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