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Re: Basic fundamental cosmological laws of Light

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    1) A measurable period or chronology experienced within the consciousness of a specie on a given wavelength of light. 2) Time cells are an arbitrary unit of time measurement used for experimentation of several life forms, all with their own biological coding or 'time track' different from one another. 3) Time-lag is a time differentiation between different orders of creation, where subcreations experience events on a time table which is measurably slower than a master program. Hence civilizations in a time-lag act out events that have already taken place on higher levels of creation. A time lag can be related to time dependent functions built on the scope of quantized sub-atomic particles. If one is willing to acknowledge the possibility that electron and positron pairs may replace some or all of the neutral particles, these pairs become the common denominator and exhibit 3 principle energy levels. One can thereby explain gravity, inertia, and "nuclear glue" as electromagnetic force at the ultrahigh frequency of 10 to the 24th cps.
    4) It must be understood that in terms of the higher dimensions, "time and space" do not actually exist. Light in the context of Einstein-Lorentz transformation is one definition of the common light spectrum used in the creation of our 3D universe. Matter here is gravitationally trapped light.
    5) a) Space-time warps within the galaxy, the coordinates of electrical and magnetic grids connected with electromagnetic geometries around planets and natural time warp areas on the surface of a given planet. b) Natural time warps on meteorological and geological topology, points of space-time anomalies forming a dodecahedral energy grid of the earth. A magnetic grid system on the planet similar to the major acupuncture points on the human body. Architectural vortices which interface with celestial influence so as to produce different levels of magnetic phenomena. These points of planetary energy currents affect not only the magnetic currents on the surface of the planet but also energy layers deep below the earth's surface. 6) Time clocks as digital computers reveal time structure connected with hyperdimensional programs which establish a measuring line, and can theoretically measure time periods spanning millions of years. The underground foundation gives the basic coordinates for gravity nullification. These key areas are alignment mappings with magnetohydrodynamic forces which arise from the motion of electrically conducting media in the presence of electromagnetic fields, which are wrapped around the earth like the Van Allen Belts, and touch down upon the surface where each point becomes a 'time tunnel'. The magnetosphere is the region around the earth where the sphere is strong enough to have a measurable effect on interplanetary gases forming a driven hydromagnetic system, whose dynamics are controlled by the input solar-wind through magnetic field merging. 7) Graviton spectrum is a unique spectrum composed of different kinds of light quanta trapped in gravitation which can be modulated when a direct link is made between gravity waves and magnetic fields. Amplified control allows for the releasing of gravitationally trapped light, molecular restructuring and makes possible the advancement of a specie. Gravitational attraction of the earth's mass for bodies/radiant energy quanta. In metric units the gravitational constant has the value of 6.668 x 10 to the -8 dyne x cm squared/gm squared, whereas the geon is the smallest known unit of gravity. 8) Graser amplification is the amplification of geons to be in step with locally coherant gravity fields. This involves the deliberate control of energy that can be released by gravitational collapse, or partial collapse of a system. Specific signal frames controlling gravitational flux, inertia/no inertia fields so that operations of higher intelligence can freely move across the frames of space, maintaining the growth of a program. 9) Angular momentum is a measure of rotational inertia. For a point mass it is calculated as mass times its velocity times its distance from the center of motion. Negative mass is used to define mass which is trapped light and yet invisible. Unlike antimatter for which the compoinent particles of the universe are reversed, negative mass is the area where the arrangements are unseen. Not to be confused with the quantum mechanical concept of effective mass which may lead to negative valued mass as a result of particle field interactions. 10) Hyperdimensional space used for operations or a sequence of operations on a specific input corridor between sets of 3D space. Multidimensional space created by envelope packets of Light so that constant metamorphic transformations and integrations take place, e.g., through time and super time as in alpha omega programs. Built in power distributions of Non-Euclidean like quanta into Euclidean geometry that is unfolded. 11) Inductive linkage allows for the wetware of the brain to perceive higher reality and coevolve and interact with higher intelligence. It is the formation of neural patterns for subsequent reordering of consciousness in relation to new information. By way of focusing light on the neural pathways or patterns, a system of perceptual reality is manifest. Thus the resultant configuration of neural impulses gives the form of activity, which becomes the perception or perspective. b) The axon or nerve fiber conducts impulses through a single long process away from the cell body to other cells or organs. c) Here the axiatonal vibratory lines connects levels of human electrochemical activity with astrobiological circuits that span the solar system and are connected with resonating star systems. The axiatonal lines connect the acupuncture mapping with superior astrobiological analogs. One type of electromedicine which is the science of healing and regeneration by non-surgical methods which uses electromagnetic radiation. Essentially its medicine which deals with a 4th and 5th state of matter formulated on the basis of magnetic fields and light. d) Codes or mechanisms needed to adapt the blood circulatory system to a higher non-blood evolutionary systems through which the physical body emerges with a corresponding light body matrix. e) Laser light networks activated by light amplification through stimulated emissions of radiation. Wavelength regions which will be used by man for travel in space and medical reprogramming which will find new applications in material science (under 100 angstroms) working with man's axiatonal system and can be used to establish genetic transportation by beaming genetic materials through space by means of superholograms and mirror simulacrums.
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