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Re: DAC0832

  1. Jul 22, 2005 #1
    does anyone know of another part similar to this dac?
    like a pin compatible one? because this one is not readily available here, (even though it states that they are in full production on the national website)

    "The DAC0830 is an advanced CMOS/Si-Cr 8-bit multiplying
    DAC designed to interface directly with the 8080, 8048,
    8085, Z80®, and other popular microprocessors."
    "The DAC0830 series are the 8-bit members of a family of
    microprocessor-compatible DACs (MICRO-DAC™)."
    from the National Semi website.

    thanks :)
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    Digikey has them:

    So does Newark:

    So does Allied:
    http://www.alliedelec.com/Search/SearchResults.asp?SearchQuery=DAC0832&Submit=find+it%21 [Broken]

    There has to be a distributor close to you that has them.

    You can look through Maxim's inventory to see if they have a part. Start calling reps(or e-mailing) from the various chip manufacturers. Try Infineon, Maxim, Atmel, Microchip, Intersil...

    http://www.analog.com/en/subCat/0,2879,761%255F795%255F0%255F%255F0%255F,00.html [Broken]

    Another option is to build a plug-in module using other IC's. They make these neat little SMD to DIP boards that would allow you to use something from another manufacturer.
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    i dont know who allied is... but under that link there's a 'quantity in stock' and a 0 in that column.

    "There has to be a distributor close to you that has them. "
    i live in the bush... well almost! i live in south africa.. there are very few retail suppliers here :(
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