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Medical Re-energizing the aging brain

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    Supplementation with the molecule pyruvate increases the energy reserves in the brain of aging mice, and makes them more energetic and keener to explore their surroundings.

    Should this be trialed on humans?
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    I haven't read the paper associated with the press release, but it's worth noting that the publisher of the article (Frontiers) is on Beall's list of predatory open-access publishers (https://scholarlyoa.com/publishers/).
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    jim mcnamara

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    What @Ygggdrasil is implying: the paper could well be just plain wrong. It probably was not peer reviewed.

    And this is hard for non-Science people. And Science people from outside the discipline have problems as well: You read a paper in a journal. It looks okay to you and me. But the chance of us being duped is high because of one fact - the publisher - so we have to say 'Whoa. Maybe not.'

    Ugh. (IMO).
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    I think with this information we should close the thread to prevent someone wandering in with misinformation. Until it is published in an accepted peer reviewed journal we will have to sit on the fence on this.
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