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Re: further basic cosmological laws of Light

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    12) Cosmoproton is an energy particle used to connect different levels of universal thought forms and occurs within the boundaries of the physical or 3D universe with individual levels of intelligence through a proton to proton spin coupling. b) Quarks are elemental particles that have charges equal to the fraction of the elemental charge. They are the constituents of other elemental particles whereby a quark and antiquark form a meson. Each quark has a unique name that denotes qualities such as "flavor", and "color" as well as "charm" and "strangeness" which are nondescriptive but represent "codes" for externalized properties of the wave function. They represent the lowest subatomic branch of the Tree of Life in terms of pyramidal and semi-pyramidal relationships. c) Sub atomic particles of less than atomic mass of elementary particles - boson, proton, neutron, electron, positron, neutrino, meson and photons, alpha particles - deuterons as well as antineutron, antineutrino, and antiproton and includes the sub nuclear family of particles such as upsilon, tau and zeon which define the immediate physical universe as a subset of the superelectron universe.
    13) Matter waves associated with subatomic particles so that the character of wave-particle duality is exhibited by all fundamental physical (3D) entities, molecules, atoms, protons, and electrons with each and every one there is associated some wave motion, the wavelength of which is determined by the de Broglie equation. Matter waves have the ability to move faster than the speed of light.
    14) Muon Also called mu-mesons is an unstable subatomic particle of the lepton family with a mean half life of 2.2 x 10 to the -6 sec, mass approximately 200 times the electron mass, presenting positive or negative charges and a spin of 1/2 and having a velocity that approaches the speed of light in a vacuum. There are several types of mesons carrying a positive or negative charge and which represent a wide range of light quanta.
    15) Electron is an elementary particle having a negative charge and can be thought of as a sub-electron to a super-electron connected through angular momentum and sub-atomic holes.
    16) Planck's constant is a universal constant (h) representing the ratio of energy of a quantum of radiation to its frequency. It has the dimension of action which is energy x time. Its numerical value is 6.624 x 10 to the -27th erg-second. Also known as Plancksches Wirkungsquantum.
    17) Noise temperature is a statistical measure of random movement and random field flux present in a material body and field in thermal equilibrium with one another and is not to be confused with quantum fluctuations which occur on a more discrete level. Random movement caused by heat generating noise. The coupling between noise and specific sounds produced physically or paraphysically with the temperature of the object whereby changes occur such as growth of tissue or bone.
    18) Negative entropy is the actual inversion of the light cone through a singularity so that the creative process is inverted and begins anew the functions of light beyond minus infinity and negative infinity.
    19) Whitehole-Blackhole A blackhole represents the first stage beyond the neutron star where intermolecular forces have collapsed and matter is squeezed to form a singularity. A whitehole represents a blackhole of antimatter with orbiting masses of common matter spiraling upon the antimatter in the black hole. Higher intelligence can use a whitehole power source as a switch to exceed thermonuclear fusion and for thought form activation of matter. Miniwhiteholes and miniblackholes are channels of transitional transformation interpenatrating universes and transitions between them.
    20) Wormholes are spirals interconnecting the electron and subelectron spaces as subtle units of the superelectron. A singularity where the matter energy construct is warped to yield another space time continuum. The wormhole effects are found in any media where the rotating magnetic fields propagate faster than the speed of light and which increase in proportion to distance.
    21) Zero point energy is defined as a condition of over unity where more energy is received than inputed or is available. The term ZPE or vacuum fluctuations implies that no source is recognized for such energy excess. However Zero point is a pyramidal energy configuration because the pyramidal shape or light cone represents an energy vortex. By using the pyramidal model, the source is not a point (zero dimension) or vacuum (absence of matter energy) - which would be an effect without a cause, but rather an energy connection to an outside energy reservoir, through a pyramidal energy vortex.
    22) Entropy/Centropy Entropy is a measure of the capacity of a system to realize work where the increase in entropy in a process can be thought of as the system's loss of the capacity to do work. It is the measure of decay and the degeneration of matter and energy. The Higher Intelligence are beyond entropy by virtue of using a consciousness control of entropy. Centropy is the electrification of matter energy. A special terminology used to describe creative renewal whereby light structures interacting with our local electromagnetic universe can transform matter from negative entropy into centropy. The physics of creation whereby centropy cradles entropy in defining and relating matter and energy as parameters of a single system. Entropy is thus a subset of centropy with centropy being a treatment of metagalactic ordering.
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