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Re: Further treatment of Mind-2 biophysics with predictions

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    Here ATP (adenosine triphosphate) is the basic transduction matrix operating with the hydrogen ground structure of our nuclear evolution. Thus a new wavelength motion will define the electron orbiting its atomic nucleus, hitherto held insoluble for chemical reactions of subatomic particles. ATP is the key to understanding this biological energy transduction and is thus the ideal model of a transceiver system built into the biogravitational and biomagnetic system. ATP is one energy gradient which demonstrates how we are basically a mechanical molecular machine. ATP is the life antenna that receives the wave form that can collectively control the biological mechanisms, protein synthesis, and genetic coding from the energy configuration of hydrolysis. Tripartite energy transduction is connected with a biological array which is like a bio-transmission antenna. In fact ATP contains a symmetrical head ujpon a stalk and base which gives a schematic on the order of a magnifying transmitter device. We are part of an inner communication network which is within an inner membrane spacial matrix and yet is able to work with an outer membrane spacial matrix that requires all the membranes of structure as basic building blocks to register functions as a biotransducer system. Thus wireless transmission os consciousness is possible through an interface with other wavelengths such as microwave. This energy transduction works through electron addition and subtraction, whereby the ATP adjusts accordingly the electron potentials and charge in the system. When we use the electron transfer process, we can adapt our biophysics to a new energy system of transference and go beyond restrictive chemical processes where the ATP model is a basic energy model of consciousness time zones which are transduction systems working throughout our galaxy. Thus ATP is a model which allows a breakthrough to occur using a chemical base to convert energy to an electron base and vice versa. Through this man can convert the biological substratum to different gravity states and interpenetrate higher dimensional intelligence. If a free energy drop for the chemical hydrolysis is greater than the electrical, then the electrical transfer is reversed. The overall direction of the reaction is determined by thermodynamic and not kinetic factors. If we can use the electron drop upon the water flow, we can see how star ionization works through every membrane state and that man is a thinking membrane between star universes and not simply a thinking human, a thinking social machine, a thinking ideologist, but a thinking membrane. Thus your basic organs functions like galaxies transmitting crystal communication through crystal invagination touching upon every molecule where inner and outer membranes work in parallel phase. And where electron coupling is stronger than chemical synthesis, such as ATP hydrolysis, we can move up the chemical synthesis into step functions from simple forms of phosphate to triphosphate. In the environment where chemical synthesis takes place, if the chemical field is stronger than the electron drop, then we can reduce the energy or even reverse the process. This explains how higher universal intelligence can slow down and come into our chemical vibratory environment; and how through an electron drop into our chemical orbit, they can speed up to go back into their normal phase which is faster than light speed.

    Thus the following will be seen as true: 1) Electromagnetic and magnetohydrodynamic changes begin to take place prior to entering an electromagnetic null zone to move a life zone of graviational wave compression into a larger spectrum. 2) Teleshift light fields modulate our consciousness time zone enabling our mind-2 to adapt to the new frequency of light. 3) Linkage between electron spin orientation and graviational energy, breaking magnetic field structure for the body. 4) Inner MHD fields modulate geophysical time warp areas creating new time zones. 5) Fixed orbital energies act as the new corner stone frequency controlling the earth's encapsulated crystal field. 6) Change of the double helix ionization models in earth graviton mapping. 7) Mutual programming between matter and muon waves, specter and spectra, making the body invisible. 8) A freely circumnavigating ultra-life structure which has been modulated out of a 3D life cycle to enter into new levels of creation:
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