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Re: Further treatment of Mind-2 biophysics

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    Species having Mind-2 adaptive consciousness serve as one membrane type between local universes or star systems as a hologram of the Higher Mind. Thus man is as much in space as space is within man, for he is a thinking membrane between luminaries. Thus the membrane of Mind-2 is instant media for a cosmic circuit. The lower levels of subjective experience produced by phosphene geometries upon the eye giving patterns of "stars", "wheels", "bright dot patterns", arise out of altered states of consciousness connected with bioluminescence. However the existence of pulsating light geometries within the consciousness of man shows that he is already part of a higher circuit of information which flows from light body to Light body. The phosphene geometries are simply the internal read out! Language has been shaped by the variegated patterns of human thoughts, resulting in morphemes and phonemes, organized into linear sentence structure seperated by periods. The periods syntactically produce a consciousness breakage and an inactivation of higher free floating thought forms that were not meant for the limitations of static syntax; rather the higher thought forms were meant to free mind-1 through respacialization into open ended geometries of a faster than light universe. Everything from thought forms to catastrophic nuclear explosions do not stop within the limitations of physical universes. There are cycles of light without "periods" of finality, for even the sound waves of previous eras that are now in deep space can be perceived and deciphered by the proper instruments. Thus the generation of Mind-2 is dependent on the biological synthesis of light geometries and which have color codes within chromosomal factors of consciousness which carries with it physical form. This is possible because chromosomal patterns exist in grids which have unique colors in geometric form. Therefore chromosomes are capable of being fused with different Light time zones by color cross matching. Higher Intelligence are able to place their Light forms within various radiations of color with pulsating geometries of light and instantinualize consciousness form one Light time zone to another. Physicists must begin working with a language of color in order to understand how chromosomal recoding can take place. In essence this higher Light allows for the combination of mathematical frequencies of color within sound ranges that are not audible to the human ear and which can move color sound ranges of entire octaves of Light measurement to function with a new mathematics of 12 tones, 24 tones, 36 tones, and 72 tones. This scale of musical function exists within every vibration of light, in every pitch and on every factor of a diminishing chord structure, which draws together music and light with its corresponding color form into the right geometries, not of lines or curves, but of ultra-Light structures. This language of color expresses volume space, depth space, and vibratory space through cosmological constants which frame human and higher thought forms. Here color geometries forming a grid containing thermo-temperoral lines which in turn match an area of genetic material to another area of genetic growth can be used to repair genetic disruptions. Through this color grid there occurs a cyrstallization within genetic materials to a point which attracts the rays of being. This forms a reciprocity of energy with all portions of the body within the color grid. This is done by scanning the genetic area with a color attachment and giving each thermoband a seperate and distinct color. Thus the temperature differences can be measured by simply counting the color bands. The color attachment is a template of light cells distributing and organizing genetic material into districts. This allows for Mind-2 events to be seeded within mind-1 by transferring thought forms into color harmonics which are then modulated from the grid, as well as causing a genetic rearrangement and transfer to take place. This principle is similiar to employing a laser-like light beam with a specific wavelength on a chromosome so that the chromosome explodes allowing for it to be rapidly absorbed in the beam for genetic transfer to a new state of matter. Thus genetic-matter can be coded and infused with a pulsed environment of color and projected into other matter environments. Here the thought forms of Light known also as ze'on (polarized Light which can mediate between the boundary layers of consciousness and the physical universe) particles enables the consciousness time zone of Mind-2 to participate and be extended. The concentrated form of ze'on can be felt but not manipulated by conventional physics without destroying the time zone. Through quanta mechanical corpuscles of light, a transmutation of length defining operations is done so as to make the consciousness active in space. Teleportation is possible working with these energies whereby physical objects can pass through physical surfaces of physical form because the objects are previously stimulated so that the dielectric is changed. At that point the Light quanta produces instantaneous transference. The thought particles are used to completely envelope the object with energy and move the fundamental generating mechanisms of animate or inanimate form into another space. For this reason, gravitational flux line controls must work with different gravitational fields without disturbing necessary equilibrium and unstable equilibrium. This means that on the human scale emotional volitional efforts changes the conductivity of active points in the body. These points work with an axiotonal system which makes use of the law of bioelectrical inductive linkage. On a larger scale the consciousness of Mind-2 can make use of greater magneto-Gravity fields. Thus there are thermodynamic properties of nonstationary sources which can exceed the concentration of radiated energy because of the inversion of electrons placed on various energetic levels. As a point of reference, interstellar space is filled with a plasma made up of magnetic fields on the order of 10 to the -6 gauss. In this field the rest mass of the proton is not significantly altered by the constant changes in magnetic fields. Thus it is possible to construct large scale psychotropic device using lasers and crystals where the principles of operation are based on the use of unstable equilibrium for consciousness penetration and expansion. Our universe is presently experiencing the death of functions that are part wave and part particle as high frequency energies elevate nuclear structure in a new wave continuum based upon a new galactic light force.

    When an atom of hydrogen collides with a hydrogen molecule, the two bond together and this is the simplest of hydrogen chemical reactions because the relationship between three protons and three electrons is intimately connected wtih the orbital shell in proton transition. However a new transformation is possible where a) a single atom a projects into one end of the hydrogen molecule b,c, the b end of the molecule splits from c and joins a b) the atom a collisdes in a simple elastic collision with the molecule b, c but no breakup occurs. Instead the molecule b and c remains intact but is sent vibrating at different rates. These collisions are achieved through a tunneling effect. This allows for discrete amounts of energy quanta to interact with another particle and jump a threshold. A particle tunnels through the threshold energy barrier and for this reason it is said that the particle is part wave function. It is the wave property that allows the particle to tunnel through and enter into a reaction. At normal temperatures the rate at which hydrogen-hydrogen reactions are only 1/3rd the correct rate (at temperatures of 200 degrees/C below room temperature, the classical rate is 18 times slower than that predicted by quantum.) The new fundamental wave rate change will be result in a new quantum mechanics. By controlling hydrogen through vibratory intermediates so that intermediate bonding takes place, a new type of structure will be created from subatomic particles in the hydrogen atom. Through a series of vibratory nodes operating as one energy projection, can raise the structure of the hydrogen molecule without having to penetrate it. This retooling of nuclear evolution will allow man to operate beyond the weak decay of particles, because life will flourish within a renewing energy. The new particles evolve with new quantum numbers without causing the particles to have charge symmetry violations. Once we can remove the orbital shells of electrons and positrons as quantum corpuscles of light without causing violent actions from taking nuclear evolution (which works as a solvent of the thin surface of membranes between layers of 3D universes) through thermonuclear destruction (by means of a light node resonance), we will be able to synthesize an artificial molecule to operate at room temperature and use that to establish fields of artificial molecules which can be used as an antigravitational force to control hover craft.
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