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Re:how do I do this

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    Ok guys. My dad is a science geek and he cant figure this out. So I am gonna ask for more help. I have figured out how to seperate the hydrogen and the oxygen. For some reason the oxygen wasnt comming out though, but i decided to let the oxygen stay in the water. Btw that is what its doing, I researched it :). So, I have figured out a way to get the hydrogen to come out in mass amounts, however, for somereason I have a suction, meaning that i have more pressure on the outside of this bottle then on the inside. This is creating a vacume, so when i light the hydrogen it burns it all up, which i dont want it to do. So what should i do? BTW, if you guys can help me with this I have an excellent idea that I am doing a science project on, basically i am creating electicity without polluting and a lot of it, for cheap, and no battery recharging, its pretty awesome, so please help me.

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    Have you read any of the other Hydrogen threads?

    I do not understand your problem. You should be starting with a tube full of water, as H accumulates it will displace water. The "emply" space in the collection tube will be H. How do you propose to burn only some of the H?
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    Ok Heres the Answer

    What happens if you only have hydrogen? Does it burn. No. So you need oxygen. What I am trying to do is to get that hydrogen 1st fill up this bottle, and then it will push its way out of the bottle, so there is no oxygen, and thus, fire will only burn above the hole. I have watched it and it looks like it sucks the fire in so i think that might be my problem. But anyways if anyone has any suggestions, please feel free to advice and suggest, we really want to make it to nationals and we no we can, but we need some help. Thanks.

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