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Re-learning Chemistry Help!

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    I'm a high school senior who has taken a basic Chemistry class about two years ago. I passed the class easily, but I learned absolutely nothing. Although I'm familiar with some terms like "valence electrons" [the electrons on the outermost shell of an atom.. I think].

    I am looking for a good handy book that will help me understand what I need to know about Chemistry before I go off to college. Knowledge that will be of great use to me and will put me ahead perhaps. Any suggestions? Whether it is a textbook or a self-teach book or whatever, any help? Preferably something that someone like me can understand without too much trouble. I have been going over the basics of Chemistry using "Kahn Academy" on youtube, which has taken me through basic electron configuration.
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    maybe try looking into AP and SAT II review books on the subject. you probably won't need the practice exams, but they have a lot of good information.
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