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Re: Mind-2, time-waves and TOE

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    Re: Mind-2, Times Waves, and TOE

    The wetware of mind-1 or the "perceptual apparatus' develops for itself a memory function out of which the architecture of higher dimensional and interdimensional space-time and energy can be seen as a consciousness time zone. Mind-2 is a manifold blueprint which operates from a pyramidal arrangement as a linkage capsule between faster-than-light particles, and high-frequency images from a supra consciousness continuum.

    Consciousness time-zones are the boundaries of consciousness expansion for each individual emanation of the Higher Mind. The more sophisticated the consciousness the more complex the time zone. The consciousness time zone is the collective gathering of singular imprints into a hierarchical structure of minus infinity which defines the fields existing between luminaries. For this reason the domain of a consciousness time zone is found in the origin of consciousness itself. In essence the consciousness time zone is a configuration which emanates a radiation which sets the boundaries of consciousness which subdivide into programs having beginning and end. In the dawning of the universe the Higher Mind uses the emanations of time waves with matter waves to form the necessary planes of intersecting visible and invisible spectrums. One must actually leave the consciousness time zone to see that its boundaries are not of space but of Light consciousness. The consciousness time zone therefore has its boundaries in consciousness development creating time regions or zones. The Higher Mind through the programs of creation requires each time zone to be continually formed and transformed and restored thus allowing entropic regions to unfold and fall away as an imperfect program or be renewed through an Omega minus function. Higher creation initiates through templates of energy, configurations which shape multiple energy spectrums and localized fields of negative mass which precede the shaping of a physical universe. Our universe is seeded with templates which contain the blueprints of gradual evolution through a sequence of biomechanical stages. Thus our world operates within a time-lag dimension because they are subordinate to a higher consciousness program of activity. In other words our 3D universe exists by virtue of being extended into physical "space." Thus the physical separation between the energy grids could be on the order of millions of Light years from our vantage point in localized cubic space. When mind-1 events receives events outside of physical time frames of reference, there is perceived the presence of a second world operating faster than the conventional brain processes. Therefore it is immediately apparent how the physical universe is within a time lag subordinate to high speed events taking place in the second world. (For example: a spinning wheel is perceived to be moving backwards at high speed when it is actually moving forwards) The second world shapes the conventional brain processes through time waves which are used by the brain to recall memory, to capture events, and to participate in the thought structure of parallel worlds of intelligence. The supra consciousness continuum makes this possible, and in turn defines the boundaries of control upon neural biological events of mental time interplaying with matter waves and time waves of Light The supra consciousness continuum are the higher universes where consciousness image programs are not limited to and defined by time differences. It is through photon bundles that the thought forms of consciousness are transplanted from template into the energy grid or layer of creative space. As the photon bundles wear out, they are replaced by Light structures which correspond to the transplanted thought forms of consciousness. All must understand the higher template which gives itself a recorder cell function. The individual recorder cell can receive different forms of the spatial coding of light. The codes of Light operate through forms which break down into sets of pulse, group, gravitational waves, waves operating in a vacuum. This template recorder cell allows for multiple levels of firing rates which collectively permit the geometry of a Mind-2 events and images to move through and interconnect with the space of one consciousness time zone. This determines how to program the wetware of the brain (mind-1) with internal language of Light (Mind-2) which allows the brain to adapt to changing evolutionary programs of consciousness. Thus the brain network by continually reassessing or monitoring the processing of information generates the ability of selective adaptation. Here a Mind-2 becomes a receptor for quantum mechanical corpuscles of Light. Hence it becomes its own field of Light for the body even though it is still in a field of a photonic envelope being directed by the recorder cell, which in turn is a field of Light within a higher template of Light. Thus throughout these field levels there is a highly organized state of cells and tissues that is formed as a semiconductor lattice with inner mathematical synthesis and biostructures of Light. In essence Man exists in a garden of consciousness creating and receiving knowledge from a higher template and recorder cell through a superholographic process. The superholograms within man are not dependent on the presence of waves even though they are readily described by the equations of waves. This non-dependence of consciousness holography on physical wave production is important to understand in approaching the origin of neural holographic processes. Here the light wavelengths recorded in the brain, are considerably longer than those of physical waves and can therefore be carriers of information in small amounts - even in the form of spatially interfering holographic patterns from other sources. However superholographic processes and image formation are meaningless for the brain wave mechanisms of mind-1 consciousness to decipher Mind-2 events unless they are amplified by quantum mechanical corpuscles of light. Progressive seeding takes place through spatial phase relationships (3D networks of expanded neurons) which work as superholograms emanating from a template. This seeding is necessary as the program is continually changed and updated. The self realized mind (Mind-2) can then modulate time differences to step in and out of multiple realities between physical universes and the higher universes.
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