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Re: Persona non gratis

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    Simple question, why when your PF contributor status runs out do you lose all posting privellages? Surely you should just revert back to a non-contributor status, I've had this happen twice now, basically because I have a memory like sieve and I forgot to check up on my status. It's a bit annoying though to suddenly find out you can't post, pm or do anything, I had to get an email address from pay pall to email an admin to help me out. Seems a bit drastic that your essentially kicked of the forum if you forget to keep up your contributor status?

    Anyway I've payed for 6yr now so shouldn't be a future problem, but how come this happens?
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    It's not supposed to happen that way. Sounds like a strange glitch. I guess if you had to email Greg, he knows about the problem already. Hopefully that can get resolved more easily. I've only had problems with paying the contributorship turning me gold and having to plead with Greg to restore my mentor privileges, which isn't nearly so bad as losing all access.
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    OK Thanks Moonbear, it was a little annoying, just a glitch you say, hope it doesn't happen to anyone else.
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