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News RE: Saddam Capture discussion -> closed

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    RE: "Saddam Capture" discussion -> closed

    My humble apologies to those people involved in the "Saddam Capture" discussion.

    I am also sorry for creating havoc with my posts and opinions.

    "United we stand . . . "

    Although I do not agree with Adam's opinion, I respect his right to say it.
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    I may not agree with what you say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it.


    Both parties made some pretty strong arguments.
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    Damn, I missed the whole thing. I'm sure I could have pissed somebody off one way or the other. :frown:

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    There'll be plenty of other chances, I'm sure. :smile:
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    If Saddam has a fair trial of any kind, it will come out that Rummy and Bush Sr. & Co. & REAGAN supported him during most of his war crimes, giving him bombs, chemical weapons and so forth. Saddam believes he is truly innocent because Rummy gave him the O.K. to use chemical weapons at his own discretion. The invasion of Kuwait was pre-approved by Bush Sr. administration.

    When I first learned that they'd captured Saddam, during "Saturday Night Live," I didn't believe it at all & thought they must be lying about it. But obviously it is him. Unfortunately I think that the insurgency is inherently democratic as most rebel movements are, uniting Iraqi Shiites and Sunis against the invaders.

    Ironic that it was "Operation Red Dawn," the movie based upon Russian invasion of Afghanistan (set in America), where the Americans (interloping for the Taliban in Afghanistan!) fight a guerilla war against the Russian invaders. The movie was banned in parts of Africa and Europe as anti-communist propaganda.

    Saddam's capture is ultimately of dubious relevance, as Iraqi nationalists will not capitulate to American designs on their natural resources.
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