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Re-taking courses not offered at college?

  1. Mar 16, 2012 #1
    A couple years ago when I first went to college, I attended a private Christian school and ended up failing 6 classes there in my freshman year, all related to Christianity (i.e. classes on the foundations of being a Christian, how to be a better Christian, learning about the school's denomination of Christianity in general, etc.; basically the core classes required of the school's definition of a Christian faith).

    I have applied to go back to community college now, and I had considered leaving out this transcript but I didn't want this to come back and bite me in the rear and get me in trouble during my education so I included the transcript, which means I have several 0.0 GPAs being averaged into my cumulative overall GPA which I fear will affect my scholarships in the future (some of them require a minimum GPA of like 3.5) and especially my graduate school prospectives.

    I haven't been formerly accepted yet (this community college isn't open-registration because it's part of CUNY) so I haven't spoken with an advisor yet, but can anyone give me any advice in advance about how I should go about discussing my failed classes since they are not available to retake at this school (or mostly any school around here, I guess)? Or is my only option to take as many classes as possible to get my GPA up in order to get scholarships and accepted into special programs that I am interested in?

    Edit: Sorry, I just realized this post is almost out of context with this forum, so I'd like to add that I want to go into the studies of Physics (almost a given) but I would like the 0.0 GPAs removed and thought re-taking those classes would replace the grades but not sure if all schools offer that option.
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