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Homework Help: RE:Temperature of the earth

  1. Mar 16, 2010 #1
    1. The Earth intercepts 1.27X10^17W of radiant energy from the Sun. Suppose the Earth, of volume 1.08X10^27 m^3, was composed of water. How long would it take for the Earth at 40 celciues to reach 90 celcius , if none of the energy was radiated or reflected back out into space?
    The specific heat of water is 4.186J/g c

    a-5.7x10^5 y
    b-5.26x10^4 y
    c-110.8 y
    d-5.04x10^7 y
    e-56 y

    This is the same one with one different number from 40c instead of 20c i calculated and still wrong i guess its a?
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    Re: Temperature of the earth

    Any idea?
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