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Re: this just an idea

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    Don't get all tetchy or anything but I see two posts have been moved and closed, why exactly, they seemed to be perfectly inoffensive, is this an example of censorship? Considered answers would be appreciated, let me reiterate though I'm not trying to offend anyone I'm just curious :confused:
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    1.Which posts are u talking about?? :confused:
    2.Who said anything about "censorship" being wrong??? :confused:
    3.Moderators are free to delete any post,not just the "too acid" ones.They ca do whatever they want.What's wrong with that...??? :eek: Nobody is forcing you to write on PF.

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    Doc Al

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    Things that are off topic (like this) or just noise with no substance will be moved or deleted to keep threads on track. I'll move this to a more appropriate forum.
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    louis, we have had to enforce more guidelines about posts because there have been members that push the line intentionally. there are always the members who may post off topic unintentionally, however we have to enforce the guidelines to remain consistent. each mentor does their forum their own way, some are more tolerant then others. i would suggest before posting in particular forums to read any "stickies" that are up and be aware of what is expected.
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    Re: replies

    :smile: Thats fine, like I said just asking, I have no problem with that. :cool:
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